Tangram is an independent consultancy specifically set up to help creative businesses with their operations. Having spent years inside these workplaces, we understand the challenges that can come up – from client billing to timesheet compliance. Our job? Helping sort these issues out.

We love nothing more than coming into a creative business, working out where things can be improved, and giving you systems and tools to make things run better. And by better we don’t just mean more harmoniously – we mean more efficiently and profitably too.

Our process is very open and collaborative. And because we know every business is unique, we come up with specific solutions to suit each one. Working with your existing strengths, we use a range of different systems, software and methodologies. The goal is always the same, though: A business that thrives both creatively and commercially.


Tangram was founded in 2014 by Helen Johnson. With over a decade spent working in the creative industry, Helen has a wealth of experience in agency workflow, operations and software implementation. With a passion for data and a flair for strategy, Helen has achieved successful outcomes for hundreds of top-tier international agencies around the world.

The Tangram team have spent many years learning the intricacies of agency technologies and have expertise in agency systems such as Scope, WorkBook, AccountAbility, TrafficLIVE, Streamtime and WorkflowMax, amongst others. They continue to partner with both agencies and agency solution providers to get under the hood of how to best apply these technologies to agency businesses for the best possible results.

Helen and her team now work with creative businesses of all shapes and sizes on all stages of the process, from assessing needs and selecting software, right down to staff training. The Tangram team are committed to providing clients with both the freedom to choose the right solution for them and the strength of their long-standing relationships with major software providers. They are proud to accept zero incentive from any project management or ERP software provider in order to maintain an agnostic and results focused approach for all agencies in their implementation of these tools.


How can Tangram help you?

There are lots of problems creative businesses commonly face. With our expertise in workflow and systems planning, and software implementation, we work to find the right solution for each client.

Spending too much time on admin?

We can review your processes and help optimise them, or introduce new ones.

Team not happy with the current systems in place?

By working closely with your people, we gain an understanding of what you need, and make recommendations on how you can adapt systems to work better for you.

Not able to track the time you’re spending, or bill clients accurately?

We can run a system ‘health check’, provide business intelligent (BI) recommendations and work with you to develop better reporting.

Need external support to review how your team is currently working and what you really need from a system?

Our consultants can analyse your systems and needs, including how you manage requests for proposal (RPF) and work with vendors.

Expanding rapidly and need systems that can grow with you?

Our business mapping process can help you assess where you’re headed, and put in place scalable systems that will stand the test of time.

Want a new system, avoiding the issues you’ve had in the past?

We can conduct a thorough review to determine your requirements, then work with you throughout the software selection and implementation process. This includes system and process design, configuration, vendor management, training and change management. We have strong experience with Workbooks, Traffic Live and other agency software, which means we’re able to help choose the software that’s the best fit for you.

Don’t have the time to set up a system for optimum performance?

We can take this task off your plate, handling everything from process reviews and ‘health checks’ to system re-designs, implementation, documentation and staff training.