Sneak Peek: Managing Retainers in TrafficLIVE

For this sneak peek video we are taking a look at how to manage
retainers in Deltek TrafficLIVE.

A retainer is a fixed agreement of services or deliverables over a time frame, that are billed evenly each month. The benefit of having a client on a retainer is that there is consistent cash flow coming into your business, as well as guaranteed revenue over a period of time.

The challenge with retainer work is sticking to the scope in the agreement; if it’s not tracked properly you can easily go over budget and as a result, profitability can suffer.

Deltek TrafficLIVE has some specific functionality designed to help agencies manage their retainers effectively.

Features include:

• Simple Setup

• Informative Reporting

So let’s take a closer look.

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