Dashboard Reporting

Scope’s New Dashboard Reporting

Instant dashboard reporting to keep your agency in the know

In this Tangram feature video we take a look at Scope‘s new
dashboard reporting. A key tool for agencies looking for instant scope of work reporting.

Scope is a brand new genre in operational software for our industry. It is a big data tool that provides industry benchmark costings for your job –  based upon millions of real agency quotes. Making it easy to compare your client quotes with your industry peers.

Dashboard reporting features include:

• Comparisons to live industry data

• Detailed Graphs

• Easy Filtering

How it works:

Based on how you’ve filtered your data, the dashboard reporting can show you detailed information on individual scopes, including scopes by client, approved total, and how your scope compares to the industry average selling price
total value & profit.

Graph data includes:

• Split of Scopes by Agency Role – great for seeing how each role is being utilised
• Agency Departments – so you can see which departments you scope the most
• Agency Scopes by Profit & Value – perfect for looking at
profitability and value by client
• Scopes by Status – a nice way to see which scopes of work still need approving

Watch our video to see how the dashboard reporting feature in Scope, actually works.

If you want to know more about what think of Scope check out our Why Scope? post.

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