Agency Financial Reporting in WorkBook

It’s more important now than ever for agencies to be on top of their financial reporting. To help we’ve made this video on how to create your own financial reports in WorkBook.

In addition to its abundant out-of-the-box reports, agency management system Deltek WorkBook has a great agency financial reporting feature. This feature allows agency finance and management teams to build up to 10 custom reports.

agency financial reporting
An example of one the financial reports you can create in WorkBook

There are three 3 key stages for creating these agency financial reports:

  1. Grouping – these are setup according to the accounts you wish to sum or the percentages you wish to show. Different reports will lend themselves to different types of groupings.
  2. Build – when building the individual reports you have the ability to set the display title, set the sort order, add the grouping and style the look of the report i.e. adding bold or underlines
  3. Run – run the reports and review your data

The ability to create your own reports, will add value to your business. Watch our video and start creating your own agency financial reports.

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