Find the answers in our Knowledge Hub

If you want a one stop shop for all your agency software knowledge, look no further… Introducing Tangram’s new technology hub.

We’ve just launched our new look website, which now features a technology hub. Here you’ll find details on some of our favourite agency software, including helpful insights, product reviews and links to training videos.

Why a technology hub?

As an independent consultancy, we make it our business to know agency software . Since our inception in 2014 we have quickly become a respected and independent knowledge hub, supporting process and software implementation across the world. As a natural extension of this, we wanted to create a place to easily share this knowledge.

The technology hub currently features product reviews and training videos on agency favourites: Deltek WorkBook, Scope, Streamtime, AccountAbility & Deltek TrafficLIVE. As we review new agency software, or new features on the current software listed, we’ll be adding it to the technology hub. So keep an eye on our website or simply subscribe to our YouTube or Vimeo channels for the latest updates.


As consultants, we’re often immersed in agencies throughout the implementation process and hear first-hand the challenges and common frustrations agencies face. Our Insights page takes a look at a broad range of topics from an agency perspective covering everything from how to avoid scope creep to choosing an agency management system and revenue forecasting. You’ll find tips and insights on the latest agency trends and concerns, as well as case studies and guest posts.

Check out our latest piece on the benefits of the WIP methodology when it comes to agency revenue recognition.

At Tangram, our process is open and collaborative and that’s how we want our website to be. We hope you enjoy its new look and get the most out of the knowledge we’ve shared.

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