All-in-one agency solution with Streamtime & Xero

Our latest video is on the seamless integration between Streamtime & Xero.

Xero is often considered as the go-to accounting software for small to medium-sized creative agencies. Recognising this, the team at Streamtime built an oh-so-simple, yet highly effective integration. Giving agencies an all-in-one solution to meet both their operational and finance needs.

Once set up, the integration allows you to create invoices, purchase orders and expenses in Streamtime and sent directly to Xero. Additionally, once in Xero these items will be marked with a Xero stamp. This serves two purposes:

  1. easily identify the items in Streamtime, that are now in Xero
  2. when clicked, it takes you directly to that record in Xero

Watch our video to learn more about Streamtime’s integration with Xero .

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